Mighty Voices


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Underlines Ink is looking for young people to share their Mighty Voices.
Mighty Voices is an idea that Underlines is developing in order to get young voices to speak out about stories and writing and have their voices be heard. We are starting off with asking young people to become one time reviewers for us and tell us about their favourite or last book they have read. We would also love them to send in any artwork that they can make that goes with the book they have read, or you could even send in a picture of them reading it.

How can a young person become a Mighty Voices Reviewer?
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Please Note

-Only the child’s first name will be posted in their review.
-You can either fill out the form or copy out the answers. Pictures of their own handwriting on the form is welcome and encouraged but will also be typed out in an interview format.

-We cannot guarantee publication of a child’s review. If the content in the review is offensive in anyway we will not publish the review.