Learning styles- how to make education easier.

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Definition of Learning;
The acquisition of knowledge or skills through study, experience, or being taught.
– The Oxford English Dictionary

For most of us, the first eighteen or so years of our life are dedicated to learning. From birth, our brain is like a sponge looking to absorb information. Between the age of four or five, up until the age of eighteen we spend our time in school learning maths, literacy, science, geography, history and many other subjects, learning the basics up to the more complex. However depending on what the school we go to is like and whether we went to school five years ago, thirty years or more, the way we were taught would be different.
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Creative Corner: Comic Book door sign

With Superheroes all the rage at the moment and the launch of Mattel’s line of Superhero Figures that are girl characters, I thought I would kick off Creative Corner with a Comic Book door sign.
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In Conversation: Zoe Davey, Artist, Actor, Workshop Leader

We are very excited to have our first In Conversation with an extremely talented young woman, Zoe Davey. Zoe is an actor, artist (on many platforms), photographer, workshop leader and runs the company Zoe Davey Art & Photography.


Conceptual Acrylic Painting by Zoe Davey

Hi Zoe, thanks for talking to Underlines Ink today. Could you start off by telling us what your different job roles are?

As an Actor I create my own performances, perform and do a lot of rehearsing. I love creating new and interesting characters. I’m an Artist and photographer and created the company Zoe Davey Art and Photography, where I take peoples photos and ideas and develop them into pieces of art. I don’t limit myself to one art form, I use paints, drawings, computers, photography and art installations and anything can be a canvas.  Finally, as a workshop leader I create workshops for young people from scratch, whether its art or performance.

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