Underlines Ink is a new collaborative, creative blog for parents, guardians and teachers. Our blog combines ideas and knowledge from workshop leaders, writers, children, Mums, Dads, Grandparents, Teachers, librarians and anyone who has something to share with our readers. It is part of Underlines Writing – a company that creates writing platforms that aim to educate, empower, inspire and unite. The blog is in association with the Education Platform of Underlines. Visit the website for more of the services we offer.

The blog focuses on four different aspects;


We believe that one person will never have all of the answers, so it is our mission to collect as many opinions, ideas and voices together so that our readers can find content that suits them and the young people they are connected with best.

If you’re looking for something specific, here is a quick overview of what you’ll find and what we aim to put in our categories.

Book reviews from children and adults, tips on encouraging reading, reading activities and games, short stories and interviews with authors.

Writing exercises and games, tips, interviews with writers, fun prompts about writing and ideas to get children writing.

How-to craft projects, art fun linked to books we’ve been reading, interviews with people who work with children and art, children’s art in the spotlight.

Games, activities, a spotlight on great children’s toys, how to encourage imagination.