Volcano experiment- Explorer Academy

The volcano explosion experiment in our Explorer Academy workshop at Fun Palaces was the moment where many children exclaimed ‘woah’ or ‘this is awesome!’
Here we have another fun, easy and educational experiment.
You will need:
-A jam/sauce jar or a plastic/paper cup
-One paper plate
-5 teaspoons of Bicarbonate of Soda
-Diluted paint
-Washing up liquid

Step One: Set up for the experiment by placing your jar/cup on a paper plate. Put both of them on a surface that you don’t mind possibly getting a little messy.

Step Two: Put around five teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda in the bottom of your jar.

Step Three: Add some diluted poster paint to your bicarbonate of soda. I chose red to look like lava but any colour will work. Stir! You jar should be about one third full when you have added your paint.

Step Four: Prepare a separate cup of vinegar and add in a squirt of washing up liquid.
The more you fill your jar with vinegar the bigger the explosion will be. If you don’t use enough then it wont spill out over the top. An amount that is one and a half times the amount of paint you have will be plenty.

Step Five: Pour in your vinegar quickly and watch as your lava explosion occurs.


Ideas for learning:
-How volcanoes are formed
-Active/Dormant/Extinct volcanoes
-Pompeii/ Mount Vesuvius

Writing Prompt:

-How do you know the volcano will erupt?
-Is there any way you can stop it?
-What do people think when you tell them?
-What will happen if the volcano erupts?


Author: Antonia Underwood

I am an actor, writer, workshop leader and the founder of Underlines, a company that creates active and exciting platforms for writing.

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