How clouds work- Explorer Academy workshop

The cloud in a jar experiment as a easy and low cost cloud-in-a-jar
experiment perfect for children to learn about the
science of clouds.

You will need:
-Empty sauce/jam jar
-Shaving Foam
-Diluted paint
-Paper plate

Step one: Fill your jar almost to the top with cold water. Place it on your plate.

Step two: Prepare one or more cups of diluted paint.

Step three: Get yourself a pipette or spoon.
*You can buy packs of plastic pipettes online for a few pounds.

Step four: Top up the jar with shaving foam. The foam needs to cover the water fully and varying heights will change how quickly the experiment works.

Step five: Pipette the paint onto the top of the shaving foam. The foam will hold the paint water for a while and then eventually it will become too heavy and start to ‘rain’.


This experiment is perfect for teaching about weather and in particular rain.

The foam works the same way as clouds do. As water rises and holds in clouds, the more rain collected it will eventually get too heavy and begin to rain.

Writing Prompt:

Writing task: 
Try and describe the weather or a thunderstorm in as much detail as possible.
Complete the sentences below.


Author: Antonia Underwood

I am an actor, writer, workshop leader and the founder of Underlines, a company that creates active and exciting platforms for writing.

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