Creative Corner: Comic Book door sign

With Superheroes all the rage at the moment and the launch of Mattel’s line of Superhero Figures that are girl characters, I thought I would kick off Creative Corner with a Comic Book door sign.

Introducing our mess-o-meter 
This means it’s got a little bit of mess to it, but nothing too bad.
Head over to our Ink Symbols page to find out more about our mess-o-meter ratings.

You will need:
An adult
Two cereal boxes
-Black felt tip pen
-3 different coloured paints
-PVA glue
-Paint tray or a paper plate
-Paint mat


To attach the comic books sign to your door, you can either blue tack it or hole-punch two holes into the corners and tie some ribbon on to it. Then you can hang it on a bedroom door.

If you make a comic book door sign we would love for you to take a picture of it and tweet it to us at @underlinesUK 



Author: Antonia Underwood

I am an actor, writer, workshop leader and the founder of Underlines, a company that creates active and exciting platforms for writing.

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